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How I pwned half of America’s fast food chains, simultaneously.

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With an upbeat pling my console alerted me that my script had finished running, to be precise it was searching for exposed Firebase credentials on any of the hundreds of recent AI startups.

This was achieved through a public list of sites using the .ai TLD and parsing the site data (and any referenced .js bundles) for references to common Firebase initialisation variables.

Production: {
    apiKey: "AIza<Insert_Funny_Joke_Here>",
    authDomain: "",
    databaseURL: "",
    projectId: "KFC",
    storageBucket: "",
    messagingSenderId: "123456789"

My hunch was that in the rush to push their new shiny product, someone would take a shortcut and forget to implement proper security rules.

The hunch was right, and it was worse than I could’ve ever guessed.


…The self proclaimed AI hiring system that claims to shave 88% of the time off hiring new people.

They provide their services to a massive number of fast food chains and other hourly employers around the United States, including but not limited to:

The Vulnerability

If you drop the Firebase configuration from the JS bundle into Firepwn, you start out with zero permissions as you can see in the following screenshot. Firebase query returning an empty result

But if you use Firebase’s registration feature to create a new user (you cannot register on their site), you get full privileges (read/write) to the Firebase DB. Firebase query returning lots of information about the organizations signed up for chattr

The data it exposes includes and is not limited to:

For the following:

It Gets… Worse?!

Yeah, it somehow manages to get even worse.

If you grab the list of admin users from /orgs/0/users, you can splice a new entry into it giving you full access to their Administrator dashboard.

As you can see below, it allows for even more control over their systems including accepting/denying applicants or even refunding payments made to Chattr. Admin dashboard showing list of organizations Admin dashboard showing list of Administrators Admin dashboard showing their dialog presets & configuration A conversation of a applicant applying for a job Admin dashboard showing options to accept or decline new applicants Admin dashboard showing payments made and the option to refund them

Timeline (DD/MM)


To my friends who assisted me with this pentest and responsible disclosure of such